Examples when to call 111

Here are some examples of when you should ring 111 and report that someone maybe lost, missing and or need of help.

  1. Your partner went hunting for the weekend, headed out and said they were intending to come out Sunday morning and be home by lunchtime. There was some heavy rain on Saturday night and it is now 5pm on Sunday evening.
  2. Your best friend from Norway was walking a main track route on their OE . They did regular check-ins at 11am each day, and you haven’t heard from them for two days which is out of character for them.
  3. Your child was meant to come home from school and haven’t turned up. It is now 4pm.
  4. Gran has had some problems lately. She occasionally gets disorientated and has been forgetful. It is cold outside and the front door was open when you came home but she isn’t here.

Call 111!!