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Welcome to LandSAR Wellington

LandSAR Wellington saves lives when outdoor adventures go wrong, and helps vulnerable people in Wellington’s suburbs.

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When to call 111?

People are often unsure about when a situation warrants a 111 call to police. A general rule of thumb: IF IN DOUBT, CALL 111. 

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How you can help

When you see us out and about in the streets, or in the wilderness the best help you can provide us is to enable us to get about our task quickly. In suburban searches, where we are often looking for the elderly, lost child or a vulnerable person we need to be able to search your property.  Your supervision of dogs and your willingness to allow us to search your properties helps save lives.

It is important to note. We do NOT do door to door collections for Land Search and Rescue fund raising. To help identify our members we wear distinctive vests with branding and each have our own ID’s. Check out the site for more insight to how we may look in the surburbs, bush and in our different gear.

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